What does IWE offer for Sixth Form students?

What does IWE offer for Sixth Form students?

International Well Rounded Education offers courses for the two central qualifications – A levels and the IBDP. The IB Diploma Programme courses will act as support lessons for students who need extra assistance in the challenging programme. Similarly, the A level courses will also support students who are pursuing a subject based qualification through the A levels. However, there will also be the opportunity to be homeschooled through IWE Academy for the A levels.


The Advantages of pursuing an A-level degree with IWE

Working with the Best

A-level and the IBDPqualifications are a passport for your further academic studies. At International Well Rounded Education, we are selective in hiring our staff, paying considerable attention to their teaching experience. Our teachers are experts in their field with many years of experience which better facilitates the learning process for our students. As our motto states, “every child can learn and achieve greatness” and with the help of our professionals, our motto becomes reality.

Compact Classes with Limited Distraction

IWE Academy’s classes are strictly limited in size in order to maximise the efficiency in learning. We acknowledge that classes with a large number of students can cause difficulties in concentration and reduce the personal interaction with the teacher. Delivery of the courses online also allows us to avoid possible distractions, which would keep our students away from making use of the entire lesson length.

Personalized approach in Teaching with Flexibility

What makes us different from ‘bricks and mortar’ education businesses is the personal care we deliver to our students. At IWE Academy, we encourage our students to get in touch with their teachers beyond the committed hours of study. This enables students who are less confident in class or who are advanced in their studies to ask further questions. IWE Academy also endeavours to create a truly unique and well-rounded schedule which suits the students best. Flexibility serves much importance in compact qualifications like the A-levels or the IB which our teachers put forward. Changes in timetables, extra lessons, home-work sessions, intensive revision periods and many more are all possible in the courses. 

Broad Selection of Subjects 

We believe that each and every student matters which is why IWE Academy aims to create opportunities for everyone according to their interests. Even though physical schools try to offer a wide variety of sixth form subjects, they can be cut short due to the insufficient requests or limited places in a course. At IWE Academy, we strive to offer a broad selection of courses depending on our students interest. Our courses include: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History and Computer Science.