What does IWE offer for Secondary students?

What does IWE offer for Sixth Form students?

International Well Rounded Education offers a wide range of courses for secondary students. These courses will act as support lessons for students who need extra assistance and booster lessons for students who want to get ahead of their studies. In addition to knowledge acquisition and performance, character building, leadership and life skills are imperative. IWE Academy’s holistic education enables a child to develop and grow beyond classroom learning.


Choosing IWE for Secondary Studies

Enjoying class time

IWE Academy makes sure young learners enjoy the courses delivered. We believe that students who take pleasure in learning at a young age will have higher chances of success in their further education. We encourage our professionals to use activities that make learning engaging and fun, as students show more willingness to participate in lessons they enjoy. Having fun while learning also helps students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable.

Choice of Curriculum

The courses are designed with the finest research and practice from a variety of national/international systems in mind. To ensure the greatest possible growth for each child, IWE is selective in the curriculum they follow, paying particular attention to the strong points of recognised programmes such as the IB MYP and Cambridge International Education.

Personalized approach in Teaching

What makes us different from ‘bricks and mortar’ education businesses is the personal care we deliver to our students. At IWE Academy, we encourage our students to get in touch with their teachers beyond the committed hours of study. This enables students who are less confident in class or who are advanced in their studies to ask further questions. IWE Academy also endeavours to create a truly unique and well-rounded schedule which suits the students best.

Broad Selection of Subjects

We believe that each and every student matters which is why IWE Academy aims to create opportunities for everyone according to their interests. At IWE Academy, we strive to offer a broad selection of courses depending on our students interest. Our courses include: Cambridge English, Modern Foreign Languages, Coding, Maths and Science.