Mathematics for youngsters has never been more enjoyable!
Mighty Learners
Level 1
(Suggested age group 7-9)

At International Well Rounded Education we believe that students who are given individual attention in a holistic environment supervised in the right direction, will not only succeed in Mathematics but will also learn how to take enjoyment in the subject. 

IWE Academy places children according to their individual skill and ability, whatever their age. The Level Assessment Tests (LAT) will be conducted by IWE Academy to stream the students into different appropriate groups regarding their present level in Mathematics. Six separate courses will be available for the six different levels established by the LAT.

This 20 weeks course is designed for small groups with instruction, dynamic sessions, and multiple practice tests presented by teachers with proven experience in teaching young learners.

All of our courses, from tutoring to advising, are offered online and accessible to students worldwide.

Throughout the course Mighty Learner students will learn:



Fractions and Decimals
-Find a fraction of a shape that is divided into equal parts

-Find fractions that are equivalent to each other

-Change improper fractions to mixed numbers

-Change mixed numbers to improper fractions

-Use decimals to write money

-Add up money using different coins

-Use decimals to write money

-Write decimals using tenths and hundredths

-Change fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions

Representing data
-Use data in lists and tables

-Understand pictograms and draw them

-Understand bar charts and draw them

-Take data from line graphs

-Take data from pie charts

-Read different kinds of charts and graphs

Operations and symbols
-Use more than one operation in a calculation

-Do calculations where the order of doing them matters

-Know that letters can stand for numbers

-Use letters where the numbers are not known

-Replace a letter by its numerical value to work out a problem

Calculation and measure
-Round a number to the nearest 10 or 100

-Multiply a whole number by 10 and 100

-Use mental methods to multiply two whole numbers

-Make an estimate of the answer before finding the exact answer

-Multiply two whole numbers together using the partitioning and grid methods

-Use multiplication tables to help with division

-Jump backwards on a number line to help with division

-Divide by a whole number

-Sometimes have an answer with a remainder

-Read money as a decimal on a calculator

-Round decimal numbers to 1 and 2 decimal places

-Choose a metric unit for length, mass and capacity

-Make an estimate by comparing two objects and of a measurement



Minimum A2 English level
A device to connect to our lessons (computer, laptop or tablet)
A reliable internet connection
Web camera.

Course details:

Registration Deadline 30th of December.
Start – End Date 7th of January – 27th of May, 2022
Duration 20 weeks, 50 minutes classes
Schedule Tuesday, 18.00 – 18.50 (EET)
Class size 5 – 12 students
Delivery Method Online, real-time classrooms via strong learning management platform, 24/7 access to the curriculum


280 EURO, VAT included.
Course materials are included in the registration.

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