Primary Mathematics

Primary Mathematics

Teacher Jamie (6)
Jul, 2021

Course Overview:

Mathematics for youngsters has never been more enjoyable!

At International Well Rounded Education we believe that students who are given individual attention in a holistic environment supervised in the right direction, will not only succeed in Mathematics but will also learn how to take enjoyment in  the subject. IWE Academy aims to prove this achievable by introducing a wide range of interactive and thought provoking maths activities. Young learners will be encouraged to experiment in the field of Mathematics whilst acquiring advanced independent thinking skills. We firmly believe that communication between educators, parents and teachers is absolutely crucial for the successful development of all our students. IWE Academy always values feedback from parents and builds upon this to deliver a dynamic and flexible curriculum.

The aims of the Primary Mathematics Programme are to:

  • stimulate interest in the learning process of Mathematics
  • assist learners in understanding and acquiring fundamental mathematical principles while teaching them general communication skills
  • support children in developing numerical and spatial awareness
  • develop their ability to understand numbers, form patterns and structures
  • improve young learners’ lifetime learning capacity by teaching them essential mathematical concepts.

What makes us different?

What sets us apart is a truly modern approach when creating the classroom environment. Unlike the outdated and traditional approach of placing students of different skills in the same group due to their age, IWE Academy places children according to their individual skill and ability, whatever their age. We acknowledge that students in the same age group may be of different academic abilities, thus ensuring that each and every student makes efficient use of valuable lesson time.

Level Assessment Tests (LAT) will be conducted by IWE Academy to stream the students into different appropriate groups regarding their present level in Mathematics. Six separate courses will be available for the six different levels established by the LAT.  Naturally gifted and talented students will be placed in the group named ‘Aspiring Mathematicians’. These young mathematicians will go beyond the established Cambridge curriculum and will enrich their knowledge by preparing for national and international competitions. Students who are in need of extra support will be placed in the ‘Mighty Learners’ Group. These students will be fully supported by our professionals at all times. Our aim will be to academically prepare all of our students for entry into secondary school and accelerate their learning process.

Level 1 – Mighty Learners

Level 2 – Studious Students

Level 3 – Devoted Youngsters

Level 4 – Dedicated Juniors

Level 5 – Young Philomaths

Level 6 – Aspiring Mathematicians



To be able to participate in our online Primary Mathematics lessons students will need:

  • a device to connect to our lessons (computer, laptop or a tablet)
  • a reliable internet connection
  • web camera.

Course material is included in the registration.

Extra Information:

Start date: September

Delivery method: Online, real-time classrooms, 24/7 access to learning materials

Duration: 1 academic year

Curriculum:Cambridge International Education

Course Content

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