IGCSE History

IGCSE History

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Jul, 2021

Course Overview:

The Cambridge IGCSE History syllabus examines some of the key worldwide wars, arrangements and concerns of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Detailed assessment of some significant events also take part in the syllabus. The emphasis is on historical knowledge and  the necessary skills for historical investigation.

As part of their studies, students learn about the nature of cause and effect, continuity and change, similarity and difference, and how to interpret and analyze historical data. Cambridge IGCSE History will pique the attention of any student who is already interested in the past, offering a foundation for any future study while fostering a lifetime interest in the subject. Coursework and non-coursework alternatives are available.

The course structure will differ for the year 10 and year 11 students. Year 10 students will follow a content based curriculum, while year 11 students will focus on exam skills through completion of  past papers, detailed feedback and exam skills.

The predominant aims of the IGCSE History course are to:

  • satisfy students curiosity and excitement for learning about the past
  • encourage the development of knowledge and understanding of historical persons, people, and communities
  • guarantee that learners’ knowledge is based on a comprehension of the nature and use of historical evidence
  • encourage comprehension of important historical ideas such as cause and effect, change and continuity, and similarity and difference
  • support the development of historical skills such as research, analysis, assessment, and communication


To be able to participate in our online IGCSE History courses, students will need:

  • a device to connect to our lessons (computer, laptop or a tablet)
  • a reliable internet connection
  • web camera.

Course material is included in the registration.

Extra Information:

Start date: September

Delivery method: Online, real-time classrooms, 24/7 access to learning materials

Duration: 1 academic year

Exam Board: Cambridge Assessment International Education

Course Content:Detailed course content can be found in the syllabus, IGCSE History(0470)

Course Outcome:IGCSE in History (Successful completion of the exam is required.)

Assessment Information:The examination fee is not included in the course fee paid to International Well Rounded Education. Students are required to arrange and pay for the examinations themselves, however support and guidance will be available with regards to finding exam centers.

Course Content

Curriculum is empty


  • There are no specific entry requirements for this course. However, we advise students with a grade lower than C in GCSE Biology to keep in mind that this is a demanding course of study.
  • A device to connect to our lessons. (Computer, Laptop or a Tablet)
  • A reliable internet connection
  • web camera.
  • Course material is included in the registration.




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