IB History

IB History

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Jul, 2021

Course Overview:

The DP programme offers  a world history course that takes a comparative and multi-perspective view of  history. It follows the study of several areas of history such as political, economic, social, and cultural , and provides a balance between structure and flexibility.

The course highlights the significance of enabling students to think historically and to acquire appropriate rigorous abilities while comprehending the wider content. It emphasizes the development of analysis  and develops an awareness of contrasting historical perspectives. Thus, the course is founded upon a rigorous and demanding critical examination of the past. Teachers explicitly teach critical thinking and research skills such as comprehension, text analysis, skills transfer, and the use of primary sources.

In the  the DP history course there are six central themes  : change, continuity, causality, consequence, importance and perspectives.

The preeminent aims of the IBDP History course are to:

  • acquire a wide understanding of the past and encourage ongoing interest
  • motivate  pupils to consider different points of view and to apprehend the complexities of historical concepts, topics, events, and developments
  • encourage global awareness through the study of history from different global regions
  • develop an understanding of history as a discipline and historical consciousness, including a sense of chronology and context, as well as an understanding of various historical viewpoints
  • deepen essential skills such as effective research and use of source material.



To be able to participate in our online IB History courses, students will need:

  • a device to connect to our lessons (computer, laptop or a tablet)
  • a reliable internet connection
  • web camera.

Course material is included in the registration.

Extra Information:

Start date: September

Delivery method: Online, real-time classrooms, 24/7 access to learning materials

Duration: 1 academic year

Exam Board:International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Assessment Information:The examination fee is not included in the course fee paid to International Well Rounded Education. Students are required to arrange and pay for the examinations themselves, however support and guidance will be available with regards to finding exam centers.

Course Content

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