Online STEM School

The IWE Summer STEM School offers international students courses on Science, Technology & IT and Mathematics. Through engaging methods of teaching, each lesson is filled with interactive activities to ensure students get the most out of each session. 

  • Perfect preparation for school term mathematics, science and computer science courses
  • For students aged 9-13 (students will be set up in the groups according to their levels in each subject)
  • Very small class sizes (5 – 12 students)
  • 16 lessons per week
  • Optional additional individual tuition classes available
  • Course takes place June 22 to July 30, Monday to Thursdays at 10.30 to 14.50. 
  • Each lesson lasts 50 minutes

STEM school covers following subjects:

Mathematics- 5 periods per week

Science - 5 periods per week

Computer science - 6 periods per week

Lessons cover and revise key areas of the subject, along with exam tips. The use of past exam questions help students improve their approach to exams by identifying keywords and recognizing what examiners want to see.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10:30 - 11:20
Mathematics Computer Science Computer Science
Computer Science
11:20 - 11:30
Break Break
11:30 - 12:20 Mathematics Computer Science
Computer Science
Computer Science
12:20 - 12:30
12:30 - 13:20 Science Science
13:20 - 14:00 Lunch Break
Lunch Break
Lunch Break
Lunch Break
14:00 - 14:50 Science
Mathematics Mathematics

TThe students could opt for online STEM school separated on different levels:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Online STEM school is open from June 22 to July 30 in 3 modules. Each module takes 2 weeks and 32 hours of teaching from Monday to Thursday.

  • Module 1– 22 June-3 July
  • Module 2– 6 July-17 July
  • Module 3– 20 July-30 July

*After finishing one module you can continue to the next level.

What will you learn in:


Module 1

Algorithm and flowchart, Operators, variables, data types, Input and output, adding comments & Cospaces, Strings, animation editing

Module 2

If else & Pivot, Switch, For Loops & Powtoon , While loops & Tinkercad, animation editing

Module 3

Break & continue & SketchUp, Nested Loops & Scratch, animation editing


Module 1

Nested loops,Functions, Vectors, animation editing

Module 2

File İnput/Output, Informatics Olympiad preparations, animation editing

Module 3

Informatics Olympiad preparations, animation editing

Per model (10 classes)

x2 Biology

x2 Chemistry

x2 Physics

x1 Knowledge Testing (Kahoot,Quizlet)

x1 Problem solving

x1 Think like a scientist ( getting to know the great scientists and their inventions)

x1 Presentation of a new product, new invention or a make yourself experiment

Module 1 (2 weeks)


  • Living organisms and the type of different cells
  • Photosynthesis - what structures enable certain plants the ability to grow under harsh conditions?


  • States of matter
  • Atoms, elements, and the periodic table


  • Energy
  • Forces and Movement

Module 2 (2 weeks)


  • Nutrition - what makes up a healthy diet, touch up on malnutrition
  • Digestive system - how the passage of food through different structures enable nutrient uptake into our body


  • Chemical reactions and tests
  • Acids, alkalis and salts


  • Waves
  • Electricity

Module 3 (2 weeks)


  • Structure of the heart - the need for a circulatory system
  • When things go wrong - diseases of the heart (transplants…)


  • Materials
  • Earth and the environment


  • Electromagnetism and magnetism
  • Space

Experiment ideas

  • (photosynthesis) Growing plants - different conditions (1 with sun and water), 1 in a box with half the water to visualise the effects from removing 1 necessary condition
  • (respiration) Lung model (2 balloons in a bottle), simulate what happens in diseased conditions (e.g. puncture the balloon/ put some water in it)

Courses will be delivered on an online video conference platform by using a virtual whiteboard on which teachers can write and share images.

Students have access to upload texts and images to share with teachers and other students.

Students will be tested at the end of each module and given feedback according to their progress throughout the course.

Students will be given a reasonable amount of homework which helps them to practice the skills they gain daily. Homework will be checked daily and students will receive feedback.

Once you complete the registration procedure, you will be sent an email with your login details where you can access the coursework and the lessons at all times.

To be able to participate to our online Spanish courses students will need:

  • computer, laptop or tablet
  • internet connection,
  • web camera 

Course material is included in the registration ( books on the pdf format, online tests, mock examinations prior to the tests, access to free online practice) and will be provided.

The STEM school will start on 22nd of June and take place until27th of August. You can choose a minimum of 1 module and a maximum of 5 modules.

The STEM school will be provided from Monday to Thursday.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes.

Modules: Fees(EUR) Fees(RON)
1 module (2 weeks, 32 hours teaching) 310 1500
2 modules (4 weeks, 64 hours teaching) 520 2500
3 modules (6 weeks, 96 hours teaching) 700 3350
Only Maths/module 125 600
Only Science/module 125 600
Only programming/module 150 700

*Fees include all course materials, assessments, assignments, feedback and additional support by phone call, text or email outside of the course hours.

The payment is due with the completed registration form and mentioning number of modules, by bank transfer to below account:
Bank: Bank Transilvania



Date of birth:

Student's Email: