Summer Online English Course

We offer you the opportunity to improve your English level  with our CELTA certified English teachers.

Our professional online courses are here to help you to reach your goal for improving your English.

You will learn in small groups of maximum 12 to 15 participants in a virtual classroom where you can see and talk to everyone. The topics of our online lessons are the same as in the face to face classes. Our main focus is to maximize students' progress in English as well as preparing them for the Cambridge examinations.

We can help you choose a course that suits your needs. Even if your level of English is advanced or you just want to improve your level, we are here to meet your needs.

Your training will be authentic because all the exercises and tests are prepared in such a way that the learning will be real, to confront situations and exercises that will help you in the daily conversations.

Don't worry if you think your level is not good enough and you will start with a disadvantage. When you enroll in this course, you will sit an exam that will set your level, and we will take care of the rest. We will form groups, where all the trainees will improve their level to the desired performance.

Do not think we forgot about the little pupils, who are at the beginning of the path. Here you will find that English is the language that gives you the most benefits when you are a speaker of it. You will have training with dedicated teachers who have extensive experience in preparing students of Primary Schools. Once enrolled, you will enter a fantastic world, a game world in which learning will be fast but also fun. You will be curious and eager to learn because for these courses we will use the best instructional-educational methods to your advantage.

Our English course at this age will give the student the opportunity to learn with children of the same age, bond with friends and form an extraordinary relationship with his or her teacher. Through methods close to the students, interactive methods of teaching but also moral support, the experience of this course will give them self-confidence, it will open new horizons and it will surely improve their performance at school.

In our courses, from an early age, the students will learn English with pleasure; their activities will arouse their curiosity, making them want to return as soon as possible to the next course.

The environment in which our students learn is very important to us. Therefore the students will learn in a friendly and comfortable environment. Such an environment will favor the development and harmonious preparation of each individual student.

The students could opt for Mathematics online courses separated on different levels:

  • Beginners
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-Intermediate

Each Mathematics course is open from June 22 to July 30 in 5 modules, each 2 weeks and 12 hours of teaching period from Monday to Friday

  • Module 1– 22 June-2 July
  • Module 2– 6 July-16 July
  • Module 3– 20 July-30 July

  • Real English conversation with the teacher as well as with the other participants using video conference platforms.
  • The teaching will be delivered by using a virtual whiteboard on which teachers write and share images.
  • The students are also able to upload text and images to share with the teachers and other students.
  • Students will be tested prior to the course to enroll in the group which best suits their needs and level.
  • Learn English online wherever you are.
  • Learn English in a friendly and supportive environment.
  • Once you complete the registration procedure, you will be sent an email with your login details and lessons link.

To be able to participate to our online English courses students will need:

  • computer, laptop or tablet
  • internet connection,
  • web camera 

We will provide the material support ( books on the pdf format, online tests, mock examinations prior to the tests, access to free online practice).

The courses will start on 22nd of June and take place until 30th of July. You can choose minimum 1 module and maximum 3 modules.

The online courses will be provided from Monday to Thursday.

Each session lasts for 90 minutes.

Everyday, Monday to Thursday.

 09:00 - 10:30

Everyday, Monday to Thursday.

 11:00 - 12:30

Everyday, Monday to Thursday.

 13:00 - 14:30

Everyday, Monday to Thursday.


Modules Fees(EUR) Fees(RON)
1 module (2 weeks, 12 hours teaching) 105 500
2 modules (4 weeks, 24 hours teaching) 190 900
3 modules (6 weeks, 36 hours teaching) 270 1300

*Fees include all course materials, assessments, assignments, feedback and additional support by phone call, text or email outside of the course hours.

The payment is due with the completed registration form and mentioning number of modules, by bank transfer to below account:
Bank: Bank Transilvania



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Student's Email: