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Computer Science is my passion and my journey began in a high school that specializes in computing and electronics. I continued my university education at the Faculty of Computing and Electronics. I decided to share my passion and inspire young people by becoming a teacher. I completed my Masters' Degree at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.Besides computer science, Judo is one of my passions too. I have been practicing traditional Judo for many years as a "judoka/sensei" and training teenagers for Judo to gain strength physically and mentally.I have been teaching Computer Science for more than 20 years and during this long learning and teaching journey, I have had several roles in middle and senior-level positions in educational institutions. I intend to use my experience to create an interest in computing and support students to achieve their goals. I am also a certified Google trainer and IBDP examiner for Computer Science.
Ali Yuksel Teacher
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Mr Armagan is a STEM teacher with 15 years of experience. He has taught Physics, Mathematics and IT in various international schools in South Africa. He also trained and guided his students for Science Fair Competitions, Olympiads and Robotics competitions both locally and internationally. He currently runs after school robotics and coding classes for high school students in the UK. Mr Armagan holds a BSc in Physics from Bilkent University, Turkey and a PGCE in Physical Science and Mathematics Education from University of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Kadir Armagan Teacher
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Monica Tele is a Computing teacher who also teaches at the International School of Bucharest. She has graduated from Cybernetics, Statistics and Economics Informatics with a Master’s Degree in Informatics. Over the last 10 years she has taught Computing, ICT and Computer Science to students starting from Reception up to Year 11’s. In her lessons she likes to combine academic knowledge with an entertaining touch to it by using games. Alongside preparing students for different national and international competitions such as Infomatrix, World Scholar’s Cup and Bebras - Computational Thinking Challenge, she has also delivered a diverse range of clubs including WeDo robotics, Coding and Dancing. Her interests include travelling, hiking, taekwon-do, kayaking and being a part of the Dragon Boat team.
Monica Tele Teacher
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Nick has been teaching in Australian and International Schools for 9 years. He is originally from Sydney, where he has completed his Medical Science degree and Masters of Teaching. Being thrilled to have become a teacher and examiner in the International Baccalaureate program, Nick loves to impart his knowledge and understanding with a smile and a laugh. His passion towards learning is reflected through Nick’s hobbies which include learning about science, travelling, obtaining historical knowledge and meeting new people.
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Piers Posner is a teacher of English with more than 20 years’ experience both in England and in the international school setting, who has taught EFL and prepared students for IGCSE, IB Diploma and A-level, within the English curriculum. He inspires learning through a wide range of resources and media with up-to-date knowledge of exam requirements in a real-world context. He has lived in the UK, USA and Romania and speaks both French and Romanian. His interests include literature, film, music, the Arts and camping.
Piers Posner Teacher
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Sabire Alkin is a teacher of Physics with more than 20 years of experience both in Albania, ‘Mehmet Akif Girls College’ and ‘Hasan Riza Pasha College’ and in Macedonia, ‘Yahya Kemal College’ and ‘Junior Yahya Kemal’. She has prepared students for IGCSE within the Physics curriculum. She inspires learning through a wide range of resources and media with up-to-date knowledge of exam requirements in a real-world context. Sabire Alkin has lived in Turkey, Albania and Macedonia and speaks Turkish, English, Albanian and Macedonian. Her interests include ICT(programming languages), a healthy lifestyle, film and international science projects. She inspires students for physics olympiads.
Sabire Alkin Teacher
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Zeliha Zulal Orhan is a second year university student who studies German-English language and literature in Dimitrie Cantemir University. She lived in several different countries and has been speaking English since she was aged 4. Having graduated from an International School with British curriculum, Zeliha has completed her IGCSE Cambridge Examinations and got the IB Diploma during the last two years of high school. During high school she started clubs for small children and voluntarily worked as an assistant in several clubs for primary students. Her love towards children and admirable relationship with them has always been of great use. She still continues to work voluntarily in different projects for associations. Recently, she started free German, art and ukulele courses for refugee children. Some of her interests are music, arts, gastronomy, linguistics, sports and photography. Her hobbies include playing the ukulele, cooking and painting.
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My name is Mehmet and I`m thrilled to say that I have 20 years of overseas experience in International Schools as Chemistry teacher in different countries such as Ukraine, South Africa, Hungary, and England. I grew up in Turkey and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) degree in 2001 and a Master of Education in Teaching Chemistry degree in 2003. I am highly experienced in IB DP and Cambridge Curriculums (IGCSE & A Level). I always try to make chemistry an enjoyable and interesting subject for my students. My teaching philosophy is that students do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care. I enjoy serving others that is why I wanted to become a teacher. Teaching gives me a sense that I am making the world a better place one student a time. I also enjoy driving car, travelling, watching historical documentaries, and spending time with friends and family.
Mehmet Guler Teacher